Ban Huaysompoy School

  • 22 Nov 2023
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On Wednesday 22 November, 2023, Thai Koon Steel Company Limited and Mr.Chatchaphon Kaewwongwan, Director of Ban Huaysompoy School, Including teachers and students set up a learning center “The Coffee Action Learning” to create new knowledge of Agriculture and the introduction of technology to help in coffee processing, Result in consistent output from coffee processing, good quality and demand in the market. and its option that will help people in the community have a better quality of life as well as participating in promoting careers for the community, especially organizing teaching and learning activities related to coffee in a comprehensive manner. Recycling leftover coffee grounds into soap products, coasters, deodorizer bags, and coffee paintings.

Ban Huaysompoy School, it is an educational institution that is like a source of knowledge. Cultivate youth in the community to grow into an effective community, Thai Koon Steel Company Limited has seen the importance of this. Therefore, the budget has been supported to enhance careers and develop learning skills. Extend knowledge to professional development. Bringing innovation to the community and also being able to connect the community with schools that are sustainable sources of knowledge.


Thai Koon Steel Group donated 172 pipes . These steel pipes will be used for residential repair in coordination with To Be Number One Association.

On December 16,2023, Khun Sanguan Sakunworaratana, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Koon Steel Group, traveled to the “Save Elephant Foundation” to meet Khun Saengduan Chailert, Director of the Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai