History Of The Company

History Of The Company

In 1957, Tang Khun Huad Company was founded as a small business by Mr. Bakkung Saetang in Khlong Toei District, Bangkok. At that time, the company engaged in the production of steel chains, springs, steel cabinets and desks, and color-coated slotted angle for shelves.

  1. Year 1975

    Later on, the production line expanded to include steel pipe market and the company name officially changed to THAI KOON STEEL in 1975 with a registered capital of 240 million baht. The company moved its production base to Suksawat Road, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan, and has remained there until today.

  2. Year 1990

    Through the years, Thai Koon Steel Company has focused on manufacturing high value-added strategic products , in line with the move, we commissioned a new plant K&S Steel Pipe company respectively in 1990 . It is located at 135/3 Moo 2 Susawad Rd. Bangchak Phrapradang Samutprakarn with registered capital of 40,000,000 baths.

  3. Year 2003

    TIS.659-2529 CERTIFIED for HWI Color Coated Slotted Angle. First TIS Certification for this product in Thailand.

  4. Year 2011

    Additional Products: Cold Drawn Steel Wire, Steel Plate and Custom Steel Pipe & Tube.

    Management System Standard ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED.

    Thai Industrial Standard TIS CERTIFIED for all products of Thai Koon Steel Group.

    With continuously sustainable development of our products, selected excellent production equipment’s, committed staffs as well as striving for service excellence, we have been recognized for high quality products from local and international organizations.

  5. Year 2015

    On Mar 6, 2015 K&S Steel Pipe Company sold out Pipe production lines to Thai Koon Steel Company and also changed company name to Thai Koon Trader Company Limited along with new objective of trading business.

    THAI KOON TRADER has become the center of distribution of all Thai Koon Steel Group's products namely steel pipes, steel chains, color coated slotted angle, cold drawn steel wire, steel plate and custom steel pipe.

    For steel pipe product, The Company has continuously developed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM AS BS EN JIS and TIS standards using innovative production that is environmentally friendly, focusing on reducing the amount of greenhouse gases, reducing global warming.

    With green industry projects by using Clean Energy from the rooftop solar power generation system and with the Carbon Foot Print project by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emissions from corporate activities, The objective is to make all products produced by Thai Koon Steel Group be as Green Product as possible in order to encourage global warming campaign.

    For Color Coated Slotted Angles, The company has been developing this product into high quality until it is widely accepted and recognized under the brand HWI with TIS certified since 2003, Well-known as the first Certification for this product in Thailand For chain product, the company is able to produce international standard chains G30, G43, G70, G80 and G100, being the first in Thailand and in the region of SOUTH EAST ASIA. Because of sophisticated production, strict quality control is required to meet international standards, therefore we need more space In order to support the components of this high-grade chain product. Therefore, Thai Koon Chain Company has established respectively in 2018 particularly for the development of chain production.

  6. Year 2018

    Established Thai Koon Chain Company with a registered capital of 50 million baht.

  7. Year 2020

    Moved chain production base from Thai Koon Steel Company to Thai Koon Chain Company. At present, the chains produced by Thai Koon Chain Company have been exported to America and South Korea. It is a success and the pride of THAI KOON STEEL and THAI KOON CHAIN because we are the first company in Thailand and the first company in the SOUTH EAST ASIA region that can successfully produce international standards chains, bringing reputation to the kingdom of Thailand.

  8. Year 2021

    MIT (Made In Thailand) CERTIFIED for all products of Thai Koon Steel Group and CERTIFIED for Green Industry Level 2

  9. Year 2022

    Rebranded the official Corporate and Thai Koon Steel Company symbol
    TKS stands for growth and expansion of the business to become prosperous, stable and sustainably improving, as per a tree that is growing steadily, strongly and spreading its branches endlessly.



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Go Green With Our Products

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We will continually improve the efficiency and potential of our employees in order to create the best efficiency in the production of goods and services. The aim is to provide a quality service system throughout the organization.


For Customers

  1. We will follow the product standard and strictly comply with the laws and requirements of customers
  2. Respond to the needs of customers in order to build confidence and increase satisfaction in product quality
  3. Deliver products on time

For Employees

We will manage the work with good governance and instill all employees with morals and ethics so that they can live happily.

For Society

We will operate our business with sustainable development and participate in Thai society and environmental conservation. We will honor Thai Nation, Religion and Royal Institution to be National Security in Thailand.


Quality and Environment Policy

Create a valuable business

With an environmentally friendly process

Develop technology readiness

Caring for the environment and community





  • Established : 1975
  • Founder : Mr.Tang Buk Kung
  • Registered capital : 240,000,000 Bahts.
  • Address : 299 – 300 Moo. 9 Suksawad Rd. Bangchak Phrapradang Samutprakarn 10130 Thailand


  • Established : 1990
  • Founder : Mr. Tung Buk Kung
  • Registered capital : 40,000,000 Bahts.
  • Address : 272/11–14 3rd Moo 2 Suksawad Rd. Bangchak Phrapradang Samutprakarn 10130 Thailand


  • Established : 2018
  • Founder : Management Committee of Thai Koon Steel Company Limited.
  • Registered capital : 50,000,000 Bahts.
  • Address : 129/39 Moo 7 Suksawad Rd. Bangchak Phrapradang Samutprakarn 10130 Thailand.