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Interior Design

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Believe it or not? Over 37 million people spends more of their time at their workplace or offices than they do at home, which means that energy consumption at work is definitely more wasteful than that at home. This means that we’re making an impact to the environment without realising it, especially environmental problems that occur at the workplace which are electricity consumptions. Thus, THAI KOON STEEL GROUP has set up Green Office management policy to promote environmental friendliness, starting from the design to the construction by choosing the structural steel of THAI KOON STEEL’s product. THAI KOON STEEL’s pipes are developed and manufactured by using innovative and environmentally friendly production processes with objective of reducing greenhouse gases and global warming. In addition, we also take into account the procurement and installation of office equipment to have energy-saving features, as well as instilling the awareness of employees in the organization to use office equipment with the best value and benefit.

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Most of the steel furniture is made with good welding

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